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Windshield Glass Replacement

Tom, a customer of ours, had recently contacted a San Fernando area auto glass shop about windshield glass replacement. They charged him a few hundred bucks and to the untrained eye, everything seemed ok. That is, until Tom hit the freeway and a loud whistling sound started happening at around 65 miles per hour. At first, Tom didn’t understand what was making the sound. Then he realized it was being created by the high-speed wind hitting the new windshield. The glass company he chose told him that they would be putting high-quality manufacturer glass in his car, but they used cheap aftermarket glass that wasn’t even OEE let alone, OEM.

Simply put, the size, thickness, and angles of the new windshield didn’t quite match up with the original. Sure, it fits in the windshield cavity, but the specs were far from the same. When Tom called the company, they told him that he would have to purchase a new windshield installation and specifically request OEM glass.

That’s when Tom called us. He should have called us in the first place, but that is beside the point. We set him up with an OEM replacement at a great price and got it covered through his insurance, explaining that another provider had installed an unsafe piece of safety equipment. At Sun Valley Mobile Car Glass, we specialize in automotive glass replacements and repairs. In fact, the only type of mechanical work we do is Window Regulator Repair. So if you want a highly specialized team and work that comes with a guarantee, don’t mess around with auto glass replacements from auto body shops or mechanics. Call the Sun Valley specialists today.