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Mobile Windshield Repair

The difference between mobile windshield repair performed by Sun Valley Mobile Car Glass, and regular windshield repair done by the other guys:

Jeremy called X Auto Glass to schedule an appointment to get a windshield chip fixed. They were short with him on the phone, but he set up the appointment anyhow, thinking that he didn’t really have a better option. They couldn't get him in for a couple of days, and he had to take off of work to make the 3 PM slot that they had available. After sitting in traffic, Jeremy made it to the garage, but he had to wait about ten minutes for the desk clerk to check to speak with him. He gave them his keys and sat down on an old, 1970s lime green kitchen chair in the dingy lobby. It turns out that they were behind because they are shorthanded that day, so it was a half hour before they even began to work on his car. Another 40 minutes later, Jeremy was finally driving home, but now the hour was pressing towards 5 PM, and he is stuck in traffic. All in all, the job got done, but it was a pain.

Bob, called Sun Valley Mobile Car Glass for Mobile Windshield Repair. The very same day, a certified technician showed up at Bob’s house and fixed the chip in his window in just 30 minutes. It was, fast, convenient and it didn’t cost Bob any more than it cost Jeremy. And even better, Bob’s service came with a limited lifetime warranty. Jeremy’s service came with a grunt and a head nod that signified he could leave.

Don’t be like Jeremy. If you live in Sun Valley California, be like Bob. Get a great deal on fantastic service and have that service come to you instead of the other way around. Call us for your free estimate today!