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Auto Window Repair

Most Sun Valley residents prefer quality auto window repair over cut-rate garbage jobs. Nowadays, people are more aware, and this is a good thing because 7 out of 10 Car Windshield Replacement are done incorrectly. Why is this? Because there are so many pop-up companies, who are all about profit instead of their customer’s safety. They skip steps in the process, like proper preparation of the glass and frame, or even forgo primer all together. Or they only use one kind of adhesive; this is bad because if they are performing the installation in the evening, and the temperature dips into the forties, the chemicals won’t catalyze to create the bond that it should. Temperatures below 50 degrees call for a cold weather adhesive.

The other thing that happens is they use cheap aftermarket glass that doesn’t fit the exact specifications of the vehicle on which they are working. This can create leaks, wind noise, and worse of all; it can be deadly in a collision. At Sun Valley Mobile Car Glass, we only use the highest quality products, installed by trained individuals who are certified in auto glass repair. In handling our operations this way, we feel comfortable giving every single customer long-lasting warranties, and the tiny amount of rework that we do is a testament to the quality of our craftsmanship.

Don’t wasn’t your money and time dealing with sub-par companies; call the pros today! We stay open late all week long to make it convenient for you.